Thursday, 26 May 2016

Paper Trade: 26-05-2016

Bulk Script Test:
SELL IOB @ 28.30 SL 29.00 TP 27.50
SELL UCO Bank @32.90 SL 33.41 TP 31.90

BANKNIFTY is falling.
Update: IOB reached 27.91 on same day reached the TP on next day.
UCO SL hit.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Paper Trade: Intra day Equities IDFC

All stocks below Rs.50 are positive now.

We picked IDFC:
Buying it @47.65
Target @48.00
SL @47.50

Update: Stopped out.
I had inner feelings that volume is against the buyers, so at 1st I sold then changed into bull. Finally day ends at 47.35. You should trust the guts. 

Friday, 8 April 2016

Paper Trade: HDIL Equities

I didn't know TradingView provides intraday charts for BSE & NSE. This is excellent.
I'm scalping with Equities with MIS orders in minute chart.
Trading equities is much better than what we do generally. At least we get see the volume.

For the buy trade: 74.60 Closed at 75.25, SL: 74.50 lot size 150.
Risk: Rs. 15
Profit of 0.65 paisa per share. Closed 10 mins before market close.
Net profit: Rs. 74/-

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Option Paper Trade: SBI Long Call

Buying option SBI call option, strike price 180, option contract May,2016. (ATM)
Paying premium of Rs. 16 for 2000 lot = Rs. 32000.

Market is up..& volume for this option contract is higher too.

Update: 21-03-2016
Today SBI is currently selling at 196.
So our call option of May is currently at 20.95.
Profit of Rs. 9802, 30% of ROI.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Option Paper Trade: Telecom

Judging the aspect we feel telecom market could fall.
So buying RCOM OTM put of 35 at 0.20, paying premium of Rs. 1600
Currently selling at 55.60.

Buying TATACOMM OTM put of 310, paying premium of Rs. 3135
Currenting selling at 352.45

Both fallen today as I predicted:
RCOM put option stays same so loss of Rs. 47
TATACOM OTM of 310 is selling at 4.00, it means Profit of Rs. 1240/-
Net profit Rs.1193/-

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Option Paper Trade: SBI

Buying SBI Put 110 at 0.05 for Rs. 100
Buying SBI Call 250 at 0.25 for Rs. 500
Update: End of day 110 finishes at 0.10 so profit is Rs. 54
250 call finishes at 0.25 loss of Rs.46.1
Net profit Rs. 7.9

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Option Paper Trade:USDINR

USDINR Currently at 68.61

Buying 68 put option at 0.1850 for 1000 paying premium of Rs. 185/-
If effect of budget is positive for INR, then USDINR value should fall.

Update: Today Market closes at 68.1580

68 put option is trading at 0.33. We are not closing it as I feel USDINR should dance around 68 zone this week or below. So we are trailing positions at 0.22.

Update: 3-02-2016 Market closes at 67.70.
68 put option values at 0.5175, trailing position at 0.31

Update: 03-03-2016

Trailed position at 0.53 currently selling at 0.63

This is a good example that OTM becomes ITM.
Update: 08-03-2016
Currently USDINR at 67.51 & option of 68 is selling at 0.70. So we trailed position at 0.65.
Trailed position got hit.
Profit: Rs. 455/-